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40% OFF

with promo code ROIFriday 

Smarter Investing Home Study Course

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INVEST IN YOURSELF! We call it “Green Friday” since you will make more money by using the discount promo code ROIFriday” to purchase the Smarter Investing home study course, then implement what you learn.



1. Click here to redeem your discount.*


Hurry, this discount expires soon and MUST be redeemed by November 30, 2018!

* If you can’t access the link shown above for the discount promo code, please use the following procedure:

     1. copy and go to this URL:

     2. click on the button "Buy all $997"

     3. click on "apply promo code" and enter ROIFriday. This will give you the 40% off discount.

This discount promo code expires on November 30, 2018, so please use it today.

2. Register for Vimeo (if not already a Vimeo member)

If you are not already a member of Vimeo, register for your free Vimeo membership when prompted. Simply enter your name and E-mail address then create a password. Alternatively, you can join with Facebook or Google.

After you create your account and redeem your 30% OFF discount, you can watch the streaming video of the Smarter Investing home study course on any device that is connected to the internet including smartphone, tablet, laptop and TV. Note: Data charges may apply if you are not connected by wi-fi!

Now be a successful investor!

Be sure to use your very limited time 40% discount promo code today, before it expires on November 30, 2018!

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Terms and Conditions: Streaming video training is provided by Part Time Investors LLC through Vimeo On Demand. Part Time Investors LLC is not responsible for actions or outages of Vimeo On Demand. When you access the Smarter Investing home study course through Vimeo On Demand through your device connected to the internet, data charges may apply if you are not connected through wi-fi. Coaching services are provided by Part Time Investors LLC. Unless otherwise stated, the Part Time Investors LLC coach and presenter(s) of Investor Member webinars and group coaching teleconferences are not licensed attorneys, not licensed accountants, not licensed financial advisers, not licensed mortgage professionals, not licensed psychologists and not other licensed professionals. No investment advice, legal advice, tax advice or counseling of any other type is provided during Investor Member webinars and group coaching teleconferences. Do not make any decisions, do not make any investments or take any other action based in whole or in part on the content of any personal coaching, live training, training videos, Investor Member webinars or group coaching teleconferences without consulting with appropriate licensed professionals in you state. Services will not be provided for any period in which payment is not made. Special discounts, such as those offered for Black Friday sales, are limited to one per customer and limited within the posted deadlines. Part Time Investors LLC shall not be liable for loss or damages resulting from delay or failure to perform its obligations within the time specified, due to causes beyond reasonable control.

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