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Articles on Investing by Marc Halpern

How To Set and Achieve Measurable Goals for Simultaneous Happiness and Prosperity

Cash-On-Equity Return is an Underutilized Metric that Can Suggest If and When It’s Time to Sell Your Rental(s)

Response to Reader Asking About Protection of Principal in the Capital Stack

Most Popular: The Ultimate Investor Endgame

Strategy for Managing a Private Placement Investment Portfolio: Income & Growth Considerations

What is DEEP Due Diligence and What It Isn’t?

Omicron Uncertainty Lessons for Stock Market and Real Estate Investors

Most Popular: I Built a $1 Million Self-Directed 401(k) With Only 1-2 Real Estate Deals Per Year


Over-Leverage: How to Avoid Real Estate Investors’ Worst Nightmare


4 Practices for Real Estate Investing in a Self-Directed IRA/401(k)


Post-COVID BUY-FIX-RENT-SELL (not lease-option)


5 Valuable Lessons I Learned in 35 Years of Part-Time Investing


8 Considerations for Seller Financing Free & Clear Single-Family Rentals to Tenants


Is Silver an Investment? Is Silver a Hedge?


The Flawed Accumulation-Deaccumulation Model of Retirement Planning


What is an "Inverted Yield Curve" and Why Should I Care?


“Accumulate Assets” – Another Misleading Sound Bite


What Should Be the Definition of an “Accredited Investor” and How That DIRECTLY Affects YOU!


The Myth of "Compounded Returns"


Should I Choose a Bank or Choose a Banker?


What is “Being Rich?” Does It Matter and How to Get There?


Lease-Option: 4 Big Advantages & 4 Big Pitfalls


Zero-Money Out of Pocket Note Investing Taught on the 2019 National REIA Cruise


Highest and Best Use of Resources


Part-Time Note Investing


Responsible Landlords Are Selling Their Rentals in Pennsauken

Year End Self-Assessment – This is a Tough Love Article!


Are/Were You Prepared for a Bear Stock Market?


Fear in Real Estate Investing – Costs and Benefits


The Third Most Irritating Thing Newbie Wholesalers Do


Special Needs Housing Deal That Didn’t Work Out


Don’t Use These 2 Methods to Determine ARV


Rental Inspections & Violation of the 4th Amendment - An Open Letter to My Congressman


Your PERSONAL Solution to Income Inequality


Do You Have to Go "All-In" with Real Estate? Of Course Not!


4 Ideas to Teach Your Adult Children About Real Estate Investing


Lessons from My Favorite Moment as an Investor


3 Ramifications of Rentals On Social Security Benefits


The #1 Mistake that Causes Landlord Burnout and How to Avoid It


Are You Scared Your Money Will Run Out? If Not, You Probably Should Be!


The Joys of Dealing with Code Enforcement


Map Out Your Target Neighborhoods


If It Looks Like a Duck and Quacks Like a Duck, Perform Due Diligence


Three Realities for REIA Leaders Discussed on the National REIA Cruise


3 Things To Do When You Can’t Find Good Flip Deals Easily


My #1 Reason for Getting and Maintaining My Real Estate License as a Real Estate Investor

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