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Part Time Investors LLC helps small business owners improve performance by providing individually customized personal coaching to real estate investors and owners of multiple independent businesses. Coaching is provided by Part Time Investors LLC’s Marc Halpern, Ph.D., who is a successful part-time real estate investor and owner of multiple successful small businesses. Marc Halpern has achieved financial freedom and, more importantly, happiness in his daily life by design and has been coaching others to create the life they want since 1995.


Marc Halpern’s Training & Coaching Programs

provided by Part Time Investors LLC


Training: Unlimited Core Training On Demand

The Smarter Investing Home Study Course


The Smarter Investing home study course is Marc Halpern’s core training program for experienced and new part-time and full-time real estate investors who want to improve their positive cash flow, net worth, time management and happiness. The Smarter Investing home study course will also help you avoid wasting 1-2 decades of your life to achieve your goals by optimizing your strategic decisions and tactical execution in real estate investing and in your personal life. The cost of the Smarter Investing home study course is $1,197 (currently more than 27 hours of training) and is conveniently available on demand by streaming video on any device with internet access through Vimeo On Demand (data usage charges may apply if not connected by wi-fi, depending on your data plan).


1-on-1 Coaching


Marc Halpern provides highly customized 1-on-1 coaching to meet your needs based on your personal and unique starting point and goals for simultaneous prosperity and happiness.  


1-on-1 coaching is usually conducted by video conference (Zoom) . These options, advantages and costs are described below.


1-on-1 Coaching by Video Conference: Marc Halpern provides extremely effective 1-on-1 coaching through the Zoom video conference platform since we can share spreadsheets directly from a computer screen, follow up on specific training slides from the Smarter Investing home study course. The cost of 1-on-1 coaching by video conference for non-accredited investors is $1,000 for 3 hours, in one session (a session can NOT be split into more than one session).


Intense Full-Day 1-on-1 Coaching: You can choose to conduct a full-day 1-on-1 coaching session. The cost is $2,000.


Prices effective September 6, 2023 and subject to change

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Terms and Conditions:


Coaching services are provided by Part Time Investors LLC. Streaming video training is provided by Part Time Investors LLC through Vimeo On Demand. Part Time Investors LLC is not responsible for actions or outages of Vimeo On Demand. Unless otherwise stated, the Part Time Investors LLC coach and presenter(s) of Investor Member webinars and group coaching teleconferences are not licensed attorneys, not licensed accountants, not licensed financial advisers, not licensed mortgage professionals, not licensed psychologists and not other licensed professionals. No investment advice, legal advice, tax advice or counseling of any other type is provided during Investor Member webinars and group coaching teleconferences. Do not make any decisions, do not make any investments or take any other action based in whole or in part on the content of Investor Member webinars and group coaching teleconferences without consulting with appropriate licensed professionals in you state. Services will not be provided for any period in which payment is not made. Special discounts for coaching, such as those offered for Black Friday sales, are limited to one per customer. Part Time Investors LLC shall not be liable for loss or damages resulting from delay or failure to perform its obligations within the time specified, due to causes beyond reasonable control.

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