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Course for the Ultimate Passive Investor!

Do you want to achieve high returns by PASSIVELY investing in real estate and other "alternative" opportunities that are pre-vetted and 100% fully managed by best-in-class syndicators, fund managers and project sponsors?

If so, then you must take the course “High-Return Private Placement Investing: Best Practices and Risk Management.”

"High Return Private Placement Investing:
Best Practices & Risk Management"
Presenter: Marc Halpern
Date: October 21, 2023, 8:45 am-5:00 pm Eastern US time
Location: Cama Academy, 122 East Butler Ave, Suite 100, Ambler, PA 19002
Cost: $1,497
Special Discount of $500 (cost $997) for:
1. clients of CamaPlan (inquire here for promocode)
2. clients of Samo Financial (inquire here for promocode)
3. clients of TF Management (inquire here for promocode)
4. Left Field Investors Members (inquire here for promocode)

Who should attend?


  • Successful real estate investors who want to transition from active real estate investing to truly passive real estate investing

  • Investors with significant IRA or 401(k) investments who want to invest successfully in alternative investments such as real estate instead of the unpredictable Wall Street casino.

  • Investors who want to improve their investment portfolio performance, especially if they already invested in limited partnership private placement investments that did not meet expectations as a result of not performing DEEP due diligence.

  • Sophisticated investors who understand that DEEP due diligence is not only possible and practical for effective private placement investing, DEEP due diligence is required to achieve high returns by identifying, minimizing and mitigating risk.


What will you learn? (course agenda below)

  • How to identify high-return private placement opportunities 

  • 7 crucial factors for effective risk management to increase portfolio performance

  • How to perform DEEP due diligence on private placement opportunities

  • How to identify best-in-class syndicators, fund managers and project sponsors

  • How to access deal flow

  • How to diversify an investment portfolio with multiple projects in multiple sectors with multiple syndicators, fund managers and project sponsors.


Two ways to participate:


1. Live in-person at Cama Academy in Ambler, PA

2. Live online by Zoom

In this intense full-day course, Marc Halpern teaches passive private investors his best practices to identify, screen, manage risk and build a portfolio of high-return private placement investments that are passive after performing DEEP due diligence.

Course Agenda:


1.   Common Categories of Private Placement Investments

2.   Set Your Expectations

        - Your risk tolerance

        - Income

        - Growth

3.   Risk Management Basics

  -  DEEP Due Diligence

  -  Characteristics of best-in-class managers & operators
  -  Private Placement Investment Portfolio Management

4.   Documentation

5.   Apartment Syndication - Example & Analysis

6.   Diversifying a Private Placement Investment Portfolio - 10 Examples

7.   High-Risk Private Venture Investing

8.   Deals Rejected - 10 Examples

9.   How to Access Private Placement Investment Opportunities

10. Process of Private Placement Investing


To register for this course, please use the form below. Payment instructions (secure through Square) will follow by Email after you register for the course.


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