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Sponsor Private Placement Information Upload

This page is for capital raisers who want to describe their private placement investment offerings to the DDD Mindset Club which is a group of independent private investors who evaluate private placement investments for their own portfolios.


Do NOT share any confidential information in the form shown below since any information you communicate may be shared with members of the DDD Mindset Club, most of whom are accredited investors and some of whom are not accredited investors.

Capital raisers who use this form are usually syndicators (e.g., for apartment complex syndications) , fund managers (e.g., for a multi-project fund in a sector such as self-storage facilities, mobile home parks, etc.) and other single project sponsors (e.g., non-real estate projects such as music royalties, AI, etc.)

Non-confidential investment description to private investors who are members of the DDD Mindset Club, some of whom are NOT accredited. Response not guaranteed.

Thanks for submitting!

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