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Private Placement Investing
Coaching & Training

for accredited investors only

Private placement coaching and training are provided by Marc Halpern of Part Time Investors LLC and are directed at accredited investors who seek passive investments with attractive return on investment and who are willing to MANAGE RISK PRUDENTLY AND PERFORM DEEP DUE DILIGENCE IN AN ANALYTICAL AND COMPREHENSIVE MANNER.

Private placement coaching and training consist of an intense full-day single session with the following content:

  • Introduction and overview of private placement investing, including advantages, disadvantages, key success factors, risk-reward considerations and why private placement investing is not for everyone.

  • Typical characteristics of private placement investments including typical target returns and timing.

  • Documentation you should expect in private placement offerings, including "1-pagers," the private placement memorandum (PPM), operating agreement and other documents hat usually total 120-170 pages.

  • Risk management (CRUCIAL!) - overview specifically for private placements, including “three dimensions of diversification”.

  • In-depth detailed review of each of Marc Halpern's 10 most recent private placement investments (currently in the following sectors: apartment complexes, land development lending, self-storage, student housing, agriculture, resorts, bridge loans and funds with a mix of commercial real estate projects including hotel conversions). 

  • Description of the reasons for investing in each opportunity.

  • How DEEP due diligence was performed:

    • for each opportunity, including a written list of risk factors for each opportunity and a written list of risk mitigation considerations.

    • for each syndicator, fund manager and project sponsor, including two levels of management and operations when possible.

  • Extra detail for preliminary screening of apartment syndication offerings as a prerequisite to determine whether to proceed to deep due diligence. This is especially practical since apartment investing is often the first category of private placement investments for accredited investors who built their net worth through active single family home investing (or small multi’s).

  • Characteristics of top syndicators, fund managers and project sponsors.

  • Description of 12 private placement offerings that Marc passed on and why.

  • Two key reasons why Marc's private placement investments are almost exclusively in his self-directed Roth retirement plan (not just taxes!).

  • How to network to get access to private placement opportunities.

The cost of private placement coaching and training described above is $2,000 for one full-day session (cannot be split into multiple sessions.

Do not make any investment without performing your own DEEP due diligence and consulting with your licensed advisors. You must also customize building your investment portfolio to your personal situation.

To inquire about private placement investing coaching, contact us.

Part Time Investors LLC also conducts a full-day course on private placement investing for groups of 10 or more accredited investors. The next course will be conducted on October 21, 2023 at CamaPlan Academy in Ambler, PA. The agenda is similar to that shown above for private placement investing coaching. To inquire about conducting a private placement investing workshop for your group, contact us.

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