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We’ll offer you CASH TODAY for your mortgage payments, even if the payments are sometimes late! If you have any questions or would like a free no obligation quote, call us today at 856-432-2292

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We Buy Notes

We pay top-dollar for mortgages nationwide. We can purchase your note quickly, providing you with immediate liquidity. Perhaps you want cash to re-invest, pay off debt, meet family needs, or treat yourself to a much-deserved vacation.

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CALL TODAY and we’ll give you a FREE Amortization Schedule for your note. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you convert your note into CASH!

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Do you know someone who is receiving payments on an owner-financed note?

We pay referral fees for new business!

How It Works

The Process is Fast and Easy because we do all of the work. We can usually have CASH to you in 30 days or less.

  1. Simply provide us with the basic information about the property and note.

  2. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours and let you know exactly how much cash we can give you for the note.

  3. If you want to proceed, just send us a copy of the note, and we’ll put together a simple letter of agreement.

  4. You return the signed agreement along with a copy of the closing statement for the sale of the property and proof of pay history.  (copies of checks, post-marked envelopes, bank statements showing deposits, etc.)-

  5. That’s when we spring into action to buy your payments.  We’ll order title work, appraisal, and credit report on the borrower — all at our expense!

  6. Once we verify all of the details, we’ll set up a closing at a local title company where you can go to take care of the paperwork.  The title company will then wire your funds to you.



For your free, no obligation quote, submit your information here, and we’ll get right back to you and let you know exactly how much cash we can give you today for your note and mortgage.

Include the following information:

Property Info:

  • Address:

  • Date of Sale:

  • Sale Price:

  • Down Payment:

  • Current Fair Market Value:


Terms of Note:

  • Loan amount:

  • Months financed:

  • Interest Rate:

  • Payment Amount:

  • Date of first payment:

  • Pay History: Excellent/Good/Fair/In Default

  • Current balance:

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