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Be Happier!

"Now Be Happier" is a new app from Part Time Investors that is based on an innovative objective metric for happiness in your daily life.

"Now Be Happier" will help you:

1. Measure your current level of happiness in your daily life

2. Set measurable goals for happiness in your daily life

3. Show you how to modify your daily life to meet your goals and Now Be Happier!!!


Stop wasting your life! Remember, your life is irreversible!

This app is a unique behavior modification platform that will change your life to Be Happier.

Become a Tester!

Now become a tester for the iPhone version of Be Happier before we launch worldwide. Android version coming later this year. Please complete the form below. Thank you.

Now Be Happier Control Panel Screen.jpg
Become a Tester - Be Happier App
Choose - iOS or Android

Instructions to download app are on the way!

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