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Part-Time Note Investing

Donna Bauer "The Original NoteBuyer®" and leading expert/trainer in note investing, teamed up with Marc Halpern of Part Time Investors LLC to customize methods for investing in notes that meet the specialized needs and goals of part-time investors. Click here to watch a 1.5-hour highly technical zero-hype webinar presented by Donna Bauer and hosted by Marc Halpern of Part Time Investors LLC on January 23, 2019, in which Donna explains the details of these customized part-time note investing strategies, including "the $100,000 Recycle Plan." Also, make sure to check out Donna's blog here.

Part-time note investing provides the opportunity to achieve high yield with your own money, self-directed IRA funds or with other people's money. Strategies are described to increase yield and with return of capital invested.

One of the methods that is effective for part-time note investors (that meets the investment criteria described below) is to find someone who sold their house to a homeowner using seller financing (instead of traditional bank financing) who needs or wants cash. The part-time investor buys that note at a discount to create a profit packet that also generates passive income. If the part-time investor wants to recoup the capital to redeploy the money in another investment AND reap the profit from the discount, with timing that suits the investor, the investor can work with the homeowner-payor to refinance the loan or sell the note to another investor.

If you know someone who sold his/her house with seller financing and if you don't want or don't know how to execute this transaction, you can earn a referral fee by referring the note seller to Marc Halpern who will pay a referral fee if Marc buys the note after performing a proper evaluation and due diligence. Marc Halpern is a cash buyer for such notes.

The "$100,000 Recycle Plan" and variants of the plan that use OPM are particularly suited for part-time investors with time requirements who want to meet investment criteria that include the following 9 advantages and characteristics (somewhat different from typical full-time note investors):

  1. Achieve an attractive yield to maturity by selectively buying seller-financed notes at a discount.

  2. Enjoy the flexibility of time-efficiency as a part-time side business by investing in only 1-3 notes per year without driving yourself crazy if that is what you want OR investing in more notes if the results are “too attractive” to pass up.

  3. Enjoy a high probability to substantially increase the yield through refinance by the payor or sale by the payor.

  4. Enjoy the flexibility to recoup the entire investment by two independently different methods within a few months to a year (your choice of timing) after buying the note so the funds can be available for recycle into the next high yield investment opportunity (whether with notes or other investment vehicles).

  5. Optionally be able to use self-directed IRA money or other available cash to fund the investment.

  6. Optionally be able to use 99% other people’s money (OPM).

  7. Enjoy an investment secured by real estate at a conservative loan-to-value without having to actually manage real estate (contractors, tenants, liabilities, etc.) and without having to subject the principal investment to the uncertainty and risk of other unsecured investments such as in the stock market.

  8. Having an investment alternative to flipping houses in tight markets (like we had in 2018) when so many newbies entered the market and bid up prices of distressed real estate to the point that profitable flipping deals were hard find for veteran part-time real estate investors.

  9. Benefit from diversifying your investment portfolio for safety by adding notes to your other investments in real estate, stock market, precious metals, private equity, etc.


If you are new to investing in notes, there are three ways to get started:

  1. Earn referral fees from Marc Halpern: Refer leads for seller-financed notes to Marc Halpern, who will pay a referral fee if Marc buys the note. The only “work” required by you is provide the following information: [1] name, phone number and E-mail address of the person who sold their house with seller financing and needs or wants to sell their note [2] the address of the house and [3] the loan amount of the seller-financed note.

  2. Subscribe to Donna Bauer’s Advanced Coaching Program in which you use Donna’s marketing strategies to find potential notes to purchase. Her team then walks you through the entire note buying process, allowing you to learn the business on real deals while splitting profits with Donna. You must be a member of the Advanced Coaching Program to submit note deals.

  3. Attend The Original NoteBuyer’s® Academy, taught by Donna Bauer, to learn how you can personally generate profit buying notes.

If you have further questions about how to work with Marc Halpern in his part-time note investing business, now contact Marc Halpern.

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